Taking the plunge

Hello to all zero of you reading this first ever blog post!

I’m Gen and I’m an aspiring historical romance author.  In a previous life I was a scientist, but I’ve always loved romance novels and my childhood habit of making up elaborate, on-going stories has become an adult habit as well.  So I’ve decided to finally do something with the stories that I’ve been weaving for years.  (Don’t worry, my favorite unicorn saga from when I was eight will stay firmly in my head.)

So what exactly am I writing about?

That’s an excellent question.

How far along am I?

That’s an even better one.

I currently have three manuscripts saved on my computer.  The first is set in England’s early Victorian period and involves a governess who is both more and less than she seems.  Very much against her better judgment, she finds herself attracted to the penniless second son of her employer, a man searching for his place in a rapidly changing world.  I’ve finished about half of this novel.

The second is a contemporary romance (but it says historical romance right in the title!) set in my old world of academic scientific research.  I’ve only finished the first chapter of this and I may never get around to fully writing this one.  Let’s just say that some wounds may never heal.

The third is the one that’s dearest to my heart.  Set in the mountains of Southern California at the turn of the century, it’s the story of a cowboy running from his past, a beautiful Spanish girl with divided loyalties, a shotgun wedding, and their attempts to forge a life together free from the sins of the previous generation.  And of course a horse that’s smarter than most people and quite a few dogs, both smart and dumb.  I’m only 5000 words in, but I’m already writing bits and pieces of the next three books in my head!

So that’s my status right now.  I’ve got a lot of writing to do (not to mention editing), so of course the logical thing to do is to start a blog, making it necessary for me to do even more writing.

You would think that my scientific training would help me find the flaw in that logic.

Tell Me What YOU Think!

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