As I’ve said before, I don’t get a ton of time to write.  Like every other writer who does this as a hobby and not as a full time job, I write when I get the chance.  During the day, my chances at zero to none, thanks to the munchkins.  But after they go to bed and the house is all ready for tomorrow, I write for about two hours before going to bed.

Of course, this means that my progress is slow.  And since I write slowly to begin with, the increases in my daily word count can be minuscule.  On average, I get in 500 words a day.  It’s a bit sad, but I suppose if I keep up at this pace, I’ll have a novel in half a year.


The last two days the juices have been flowing, the muses have been singing, and the words have been flying on to the page!

I have been averaging 2000 words a day lately.

That’s incredible for me.  And it’s encouraging.  I’m not sure if I’m just getting better at writing (or maybe just typing) or if these past two days are just flukes, and I’ll be back to snail mode tomorrow.  Even if that happens, I’m still at 20,000 words on my California WIP, and nothing can take that away.

Except for major edits and revisions.

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