Flexing My Writing Muscle

So, you know how I said before that I write slowly?  Like, really slowly?

Apparently, when I want to, I can write fast.  For the past two weeks, I’ve been getting in at least 1k words a night.  At about 1k words an hour.  I got in 3k two nights in a row.  That’s crazy.

But the morale of the story isn’t that my muse is flowing or that’s there’s any mystical explanation for this sudden burst of speed.

What happened was, I forced myself to write, every night.  And like the old saying goes, writing is like a muscle.  The more you do, the stronger it gets.

(In slightly related news, I have also started going to the gym regularly, where I am  finding that like writing, muscles do indeed get stronger when pushed every day.)

Tonight and last night were not great nights for writing, since last night I was dead tired from my 3k sprints the two nights before, and tonight I kept feeling as if I was writing myself into a wall every third paragraph.  But even on those not-so-good nights, I got in 1ooo words.  And it feels damn good to be that productive now, even on an off day.

And now I’m off to bed, to mull over this scene I’m currently writing (it involves a donkey, and they can be real stubborn when they want to), and get some rest so I can do another 3k word count sprint tomorrow night. 🙂

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