I hope the exclamation point in the title of this convinces you that this is a happy post about finishing something, and not about me quitting this whole writing racket.  You’d be forgiven for thinking the last based on how much I’ve been updating the blog lately.  Which of course, is not at all.

But I have been writing.

And I finished my first novel.

It needs major revisions, scenes added, characters fleshed out, etc.  Pretty much all the surgical work any first novel would need.  But I know what I want to change and what I think will make the book much better and I’m already rewriting in my head.

So this is my plan for writing this year:

1) Rewrite this novel.  (I’ve called it the California Bride here, and am calling it Summer Chaparral now.  Obviously, I’m not good at titles.)

2) Write the novella I have planned to go along with Summer Chaparral.

3) Start on Autumn Sage, the next book in the series.

4) Join RWA and find a critique partner.

5) Write a synopsis and query letter for Summer Chaparral.

6) Begin submitting to agents!

The last three in this list will be the hardest for me to do.  I’m very shy and it’s going to be really difficult for me to actually ask someone if they want to be my critique partner and to end it if it’s not working out.  Writing the synopsis and query letter will actually be less painful than that.

I may also look into some contests, depending on how things are going, but they’re really not a big goal for me.  I’m keeping my eye on the main prize.

As for the blog, I will try to keep up with it.  I’d like to start adding pictures of the flora and fauna around here that I describe in the book, as a way to bring the beauty of this part of California to my future readers.

Of course, there’s always obstacles though.  I’ve now got two part time jobs and we’re also thinking of having another baby this year.

But I’m going to put my head down and power through 2012!

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