Another milestone reached!

Yesterday, I finished my second full length novel!

Well, to be honest, finished is maybe kind of too strong.  When I write first drafts, they are very terrible–it’s really only dialogue and telling at this point.  I force my characters to run the course of the plot so that I can figure out how they should be reacting, how to layer their characters–I use the first draft to get to know my characters.  Then on rewrites, I put them more fully down on the page.  Or at least I try to.

Right now, this is really more of a 50,000 word outline.  Half of it I wrote on a iPad mini keyboard, which ends up looking I dictated it to my four year old to type, given my lack of typing skills on even a full sized keyboard.  I have a huge TBR pile for research on this to get through now, and I let this book simmer in my brain for a bit while I read those, and then I’ll go back to season it properly in revisions.

So what’s next?  Well, I’m beginning to revise the first novella I wrote and I think I’ll start on the next novella I have planned for this series.  A writer’s work is never done, but I wouldn’t have it any other way….

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