The Indolent Homesteader: Housekeeping

OK, so this post isn’t really about housekeeping; it’s about a conversation between my husband and me. I should point out that my husband and I are a pair of smartasses and that everything said here is said with equal amounts of snark and love. (As my stepfather was fond of saying, “If I’d wanted a smartass, I’d have sent my donkey to college.)

Husband (looking over the five covers I made this weekend): Wait, have you written books yet for all these covers?

Me: Yes! I’ve actually written more than that; I’ve got nine books total. What did you think I do around here all day?

Him: Nothing.

Me: What? I keep the house, I keep everyone fed, I take care of the kids, and I write, make covers, and critique other author’s writing.

Long pause.

Me: I spend more time on the writing than on the housework.

Him: I noticed.

The point to all this is: I should have covers to put up soon! I’m working on those,  back cover copy for all my finished works, and spiffing up the website some, and I’m hoping to put all of that up by the end of this week.

(My husband, in the end, admitted he really did like the covers and he’d like to look into becoming a cover model himself one day.)

5 responses to “The Indolent Homesteader: Housekeeping

  1. This is hilarious … and Miss B. looks forward to the covers!

    • Add in some references from Game of Thrones or The Wire and this is pretty much how all our conversations go. 😉

      And I really hope you like the covers! I think they’re great, but I admit to being biased.

      • LOL! Chez moi, it’s either self-mumbling, or MamaB and I line tossing from All In the Family (you’re too young!), Seinfeld, or The Sopranos. (Loved The Wire.)

  2. Do you know that poem “To a Shred of Linen” by Lydia Sigourney? “Right glad am I, / That no neat lady, train’d in ancient times / Of pudding making, and of sampler work, / And speckless sanctity of household care, / Hath happened here to spy thee. She, no doubt, / When looking through her spectacles, would say, / ‘This comes of reading books:'” except maybe it should be writing books. ; )

  3. Oh, “reading books” also applies in this case. 😉

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