A Chaotic Attraction


Relativity Book 1

As the only woman in the masculine world of a physics lab, Sarah Simmons has learned to mistrust men. But when Ezra Cruikshank promises to love her forever and always, she believes him, shattering her heart and her trust when he leaves her one day without a backward glance. His reappearance five years later—and his promises of an idea that will bring her the scientific acclaim she craves—tempts her to make one last walk into his trap and hope that this time, her heart will survive.

Leaving Sarah behind all those years ago was the hardest thing Ezra has ever done. And telling her the truth of what happened will only intensify her hatred for him. So Ezra fashions a fail-safe plan to bring Sarah back to his side, one that will give her everything she’s ever desired—things the scientific establishment would never bestow on a mere woman—as long as she marries him. His only hope is to re-ignite a love in her powerful enough to forgive even his sins.

As their chaotic attraction sparks anew, Sarah realizes that she cannot resist Ezra—nor can she trust him. And Ezra discovers that the wounds he inflicted all those years ago might be too deep for even love to heal.

Releasing Spring 2016

Atlas of Desire (Relativity 0.5)

An Artful Entanglement (Relativity 2)

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