Atlas of Desire


A Relativity Novella (0.5)

Artemis Gillespie is desperate for a job seeing as how artistic patrons are in such distressingly short supply in 1905 Los Angeles. She dreams of becoming a celebrated artist and leaving menial illustrations and advertisement contracts behind. But when she answers an ad for an illustrator with the “utmost discretion” and finds she’ll be working for an obsessive and odd man of science, she takes it anyway. After all, she must only bear his ill moods for a few weeks—then she can count her money and wave goodbye to this unsettling man.

William Jones is a scientist desperate for an artist to illustrate his master-work. He’s devoted years to creating a brain atlas, an undertaking that will bring him scientific fame and fortune if he can finish before the rival hot on his heels. A flighty lady artist might not be up to the task—but what other choice does he have?

Long hours in the lab force William and Artemis into close contact—and a new appreciation of the other’s talents. But as William’s rival draws ever closer, they race to finish—while discovering if an association born of desperation can bloom into love.

Releasing Summer 2015

A Chaotic Attraction (Relativity 1)

An Artful Entanglement (Relativity 2)

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