An Artful Entanglement


Relativity Book 2

Kate Fine is devoted to her work and her patients, even if what she does is completely illegal. She answers to an authority higher than the law. The police can arrest her as many times as they like—she won’t be dissuaded from her crusade.

Arkady Marakov has finally achieved the dream of a lifetime. A decade of cultivating his reputation as a rational, conservative man of science has finally paid off. As chair of the physics department, he can finally build the scientific institution he’s always imagined. All he needs is the perfect faculty wife: a lady able to charm both rival scientists and potential donors. And he’s found just the right one—Kate’s sister.

Kate and Arkady’s loathing is powerful and mutual. Neither sees the point in pretending friendship, even for her sister’s sake. But when Kate’s activities land her in trouble even she can’t escape, Arkady is the only one who can help. And the two of them will discover that an unwanted entanglement might be the sweetest of all.

Releasing Fall 2016

Atlas of Desire (Relativity 0.5)

A Chaotic Attraction (Relativity 1)

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