Summer Chaparral


Las Morenas 1

Caterina Moreno is the most beautiful woman in the mountain town of Cabrillo, California—and she knows it. Being a good Spanish daughter in public and a saucy flirt in private hasn’t gained her a husband, so when a handsome American cowboy rides onto her father’s rancho, she dares more than she ever has. But she’s about to discover just how forbidden this particular cowboy is…

All Jace Merrill ever wanted was a ranch of his own. After thirteen years hiding from his father’s all-too-respectable name, he’s on the cusp of realizing his dreams and claiming the most alluring woman he’s ever met. But he soon learns that family secrets and ancient vendettas run deep in Old California. He can pursue the enticing beauty or prove to his father he’s his own man—but not both….

When Caterina’s father catches them in a moment gone too far, Señor Moreno marches them to the altar, shotgun firmly in hand. Now Caterina and Jace find themselves battling family grudges—and their own worst impulses—in order to save a marriage neither of them wanted.

Releasing Fall 2014

Autumn Sage (Las Morenas 2)

The Sheriff Takes a Bride (Las Morenas 2.5)

High Country Spring (Las Morenas 3)

The Farmer Takes a Wife (Las Morenas 0.5)

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