The Farmer Takes a Wife


A Las Morenas Novella (0.5)

Marcus Gries has loved Miss Laura Kemper for two years. The poor man has never actually spoken to her, but he knows what he wants and it’s Laura. One night at a barn dance he resolves to ask her for a dance. A dance, a walk, and soon enough, he might even have the nerve to ask her to be his wife.

Laura Kemper has no intention of marrying—her mind is too much occupied with her father’s decline and her family’s woes. So when the handsome farmer she’s never noticed much before asks her to dance, she accepts, thinking it will go no farther.

But when the dance turns into a blossoming affection, Laura finds herself the recipient of an unexpected proposal. She must decide which is more dear: her duty to her family or her feelings for Marcus.

Releasing Fall 2015

Summer Chaparral (Las Morenas 1)

Autumn Sage (Las Morenas 2)

The Sheriff Takes a Bride (Las Morenas 2.5)

High Country Spring (Las Morenas 3)

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