Autumn Sage


Las Morenas 2

Accustomed to being the smartest person in any room, Señorita Isabel Moreno always has a plan. But a brutal attack shatters her plan to leave the little town she hates. Now, with the outlaw still on the run, Isabel finds herself adrift and bereft for the first time in her life. Bringing the fugitive to justice is exactly what she needs to regain peace of mind and faith in herself—even if she is suspicious of this marshal’s motives in hunting him.

US Marshal Sebastian Spencer is as coldly determined as the criminals he tracks. He’s spent years perfecting his iron self control—perhaps the most important work of his life. Because when he unbends, things break. People bleed. But no one has ever tempted him to unbend as much as the fiercely intelligent Isabel does. He plans to apprehend this outlaw in record time before he’s provoked into something he’ll truly regret, like falling in love.

When more than just one lone outlaw threatens Isabel, Sebastian must keep her closer than ever to ensure her safety. As the twin forces of justice and vengeance close in them, they’ll discover they’ve found in one another a kindred soul—and the other’s downfall.

Releasing Winter 2014

Summer Chaparral (Las Morenas 1)

The Sheriff Takes a Bride (Las Morenas 2.5)

High Country Spring (Las Morenas 3)

The Farmer Takes a Wife (Las Morenas 0.5)

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