The Sheriff Takes a Bride


A Las Morenas Novella (2.5)

Sheriff Joaquin Obregon spent the last year in a mountain sanatorium, recovering from an attack that cost him his fiancée and livelihood. He hates what his life has become, but can’t seem to find a way to break free. Until a nurse who never liked him decides to make his resurrection her mission.

Mary Margaret McCallahan spent a childhood in the slums of New York, so being a respected nurse at the most famous sanatorium in California should be ambition enough. But Mae has even bigger dreams—dreams that require her to leave for Los Angeles. But before she goes, she’s determined to rouse one handsome, arrogant sheriff out of his sick bed and back into the world.

Joaquin can’t imagine leaving. Mae is determined to go. The battle lines are drawn—and only love can win.

Releasing Spring 2015

Summer Chaparral (Las Morenas 1)

Autumn Sage (Las Morenas 2)

High Country Spring (Las Morenas 3)

The Farmer Takes a Wife (Las Morenas 0.5)

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