All of my stories are set in turn-of-the-century Southern California, a time and place near and dear to my heart.

California Vieja

Las Morenas

A series following the Moreno sisters of Cabrillo as they find their destinies—and true love—at the turn of the century.

SCfinal1Summer Chaparral (Las Morenas 1)

Releasing Fall 2014



ASFinal1textAutumn Sage (Las Morenas 2)

Releasing Winter 2014



STBfinal2textThe Sheriff Takes a Bride (Las Morenas 2.5)

Releasing Spring 2015



HCSFinal1High Country Spring (Las Morenas 3)

Releasing Fall 2015



FTWfinal1The Farmer Takes a Wife (Las Morenas 0.5)

Releasing Winter 2015




Science of Love


As science makes its bold leap into a new century, researchers at one university in Pasadena find themselves struggling with the oldest mystery of all—love.

AtlasDesireFinal1Atlas of Desire (Relativity 0.5)

Releasing Summer 2015



ChaoticAttractionA Chaotic Attraction (Relativity 1)

Releasing Spring 2016



ArtfulEntanglementMockup1An Artful Entanglement (Relativity 2)

Releasing Fall 2016

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