High Country Spring


Las Morenas 3

Francisca Moreno has always known the role of wife—constrained, suffocating, correct—would never suit her. She was born to rope and ride on the rancho she loves and she’s damn good at it. But she can’t escape her implacable mother’s attempts to lace her into the corset of propriety forever and they both know it. Before she’s subsumed entirely by lady-like behavior, she makes one last grab for a grand adventure—and lands square in the path of the one man who’s never thought of her as anything but a pest.

Felipe Ortega is friendly and open to everyone he meets—and attached to no one. Loss has taught him that love can shatter a man. As the overseer of Rancho Moreno, he’s spent half his life ensuring his best friend’s little sister never breaks her neck doing a man’s job, never allowing himself to see her as anything more than an irritant. But when Franny stows away on a dangerous hunt for a cougar menacing the rancho, they are trapped in the mountains of California…alone.

One long night by the campfire, the two crash into an passionate encounter and discover that familiarity can breed more than contempt. Much, much more. As their repressed desires dare Felipe to step from the shadows of the past, the two will discover how much they must risk for the one person they were never meant to love.

Releasing Fall 2015

Summer Chaparral (Las Morenas 1)

Autumn Sage (Las Morenas 2)

The Sheriff Takes a Bride (Las Morenas 2.5)

The Farmer Takes a Wife (Las Morenas 0.5)

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